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Materials Science

Credit: NIST

Materials Discovery

This project aims to use crowdsourcing and human computation to help discover new intermetallic compounds that can be used for more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economical fuel cells, batteries, solar fuel generation, etc.

Wildlife Conservation
A Red-cockaded woodpecker

Credit: Martjan Lammertink, USDA.


eBird is a free online database that invites recreational and professional bird watchers to report bird observations, thereby allowing researchers to document and model bird distribution.

Sea Stars
Dawson's Star

Credit: Neil McDaniel

Sea Star Wasting Disease

This is a citizen science project monitoring the incidence of a sea star wasting disease. Recent outbreaks have been observed along much of the Pacific coast of North America since 2013.

We are trying to understand whether there is a temperature threshold or some other environmental conditions associated with outbreak and non-outbreak sites.

Pastoralism in East Africa
Goats being herded near a water point in Wajir, northern Kenya

Credit: ILRI/Riccardo Gangale (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Rangeland and Forage Conditions

We are developing a crowdsourcing system where pastoralists contribute photos and expert assessments of rangeland conditions, which will be used better interpret readily available data collected by satellites.

A better real-time understanding of environmental conditions will help us make policy recommendations, as well as provide better services such as Index-Based Livestock Insurance.