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UDiscover Elephant Calls - Participate

You can contribute by working on our Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). You will be required to register for a UDiscoverIt user account and login before participating.

Start by reading through the contents of our tutorial. Note that this content doubles as a qualification test for paid HITs - this version is not actually a test, but is included to provide background and guidance on the tasks.

Then try an annotation task.

If you are participating in a specific labeling batch, they are listed here:

Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)

One of our main goals is to develop methods to automatically identify elephant calls in recordings, or even in real-time within a recording device, using supervised learning, which is a class of techniques used to find structure in data from labeled examples. One such method is deep learning, which represents data examples with many layers of nonlinear transformations that extract a combination of local features and higher structure. Fitting these models typically requires large amounts of labeled data.

Try listening to short clips of forest elephant recordings and drawing boxes around time segments on the spectrogram that contain elephant calls.