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Materials Discovery - Participate

You can contribute by working on our Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs).

If you are in the ENGRG 1060 summer course at Cornell, please follow this link to participate. You will log in using your netid.

Start by reading through the contents of our tutorial. Note that this content doubles as a qualification test for paid HITs - this version is not actually a test, but is included to provide background and guidance on the tasks.

Then try a set of tasks, which will be selected for you at random.

We sometimes post similar tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk under the requester name UDiscoverIt.

Human Intelligence Tasks

For each combination of elements, we have measured X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns for many different relative concentrations. In order to understand how the crystal structures change with composition, we need to know how the XRD patterns are related to each other.

We have decomposed these sets of patterns into smaller groups (slices) that are expected to show gradual changes in XRD patterns. For each task, you will see a visualization of such a slice, and mark components that show a clear relationship.

We combine the results of all of the slices, from multiple contributors, and use this information to guide a more complete automatic solver.